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MHEs and Sweeping Machines on Rental

We offer high performance and rugged Material Handling Equipments (MHE's) and Industrial Cleaning Solutions (Sweeping Machines) for industrial applications. We provide sales, service, spares and maintenance of the equipment's as well as on short term and long-term rentals as per client requirements. We too offer skilled and trained operators which suits to the customer needs.

  • Forklift Trucks ranges from 2T to 35T (Electric and Diesel)
  • Electric Stackers and Reach Stackers
  • Counterbalanced Electric Stackers
  • Ride-on Sweeping Machines (Diesel)
  • Truck Mounted Sweeping Machines

Why Rental Services?

MHE's leasing has a number of advantages over ownership which includes:

  • Cost Effectiveness:¬†Unless you need a forklift or Sweeping machine for a longer period, investing in procurement on a new machine just not viable. The options are
    • Seasonal business
    • Temporary increase in workload
    • Taking on a time bound special project, leasing of equipments probably the way to go.
  • Better Equipment: Leasing an industrial equipment usually results in getting better equipment than you could afford to buy. Leasing new or almost new equipment ensures that you will have a quality machine that won't break down frequently.
  • Lesser Responsibilities: The overall responsibility of maintaining and managing while owning will be significantly reduced.
  • Quicker Response: In an unexpected event of equipment breakdown, a quicker replacement will be done. UniTrion will ensure immediate replacement of machines or spares/parts in case of any breakdown. Hence proper maintenance and smooth running of machines will be ensured.
  • Availability of Operators: UniTrion will have pool of skilled and trained operators for Organizational requirements as and when required.
Our Product Offerings
Our Product Offerings
Our Product Offerings
Our Product Offerings
Our Product Offerings